Health and safety is our number one concern when it comes to providing real estate services. This has become increasingly important since real estate agents were deemed essential services. At Victoria Homes we are proud to say we are more than able to provide you with a safe and efficient home buying process.

Project and Home Showings

One of the most important steps of buying a home is seeing it and with our new Virtual Live Tours you can get just that without leaving the comfort of your home. The best part is being able to actively comment and ask questions while the viewing is happening live! If you don’t want to miss it you can set a reminder by visiting the Eagle Rise listing and subscribing to a reminder before the viewing starts.

If you want to explore the home at your own pace you can check out our Matter Port 3D tour option. This allows you to digitally walk through the home as you please.

If you rather see the listings in person we are more than happy to arrange it, just be sure to reach out via email or phone so we can plan accordingly.

Legal Documents and Signing

Since COVID-19 many industries have had to adapt to be able to maintain their services while self distancing is in practice. All meetings and signatures can be completed online and we have the tools to do so. With tools such as e-document signing and online meeting software we can work together even while apart.

If you have more concerns regarding COVID-19 and our procedures or questions regarding please reach out by phone at 250-294-6683 or email us at